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Colon Cancer Screening
Information on colorectal cancer facts and screening with colonoscopy
Seaford Endoscopy Center Brochure
Information about what you can expect at the Seaford Endoscopy Center and important information you will want to know prior to your procedure.
Preparing for your Colonoscopy
In this video from the American Gastroenterological Association, Dr. Joanne A. P. Wilson explains what you can expect before, during and after this procedure.
Clear Liquid Diet
How to follow a clear liquid diet during your colon cleansing
Miralax Colonoscopy Bowel Prep
Miralax and Bisacodyl Colonoscopy Bowel Prep
Miralax, Bisacodyl and Magnesium Citrate Colonoscopy Prep
Colon cleansing with Magnesium Citrate & Bisacodyl
Follow only as directed by your physician.
Magnesium Citrate Colonoscopy Prep
Follow only as directed by your physician
SUPREP Colonoscopy Bowel Prep
Follow only as directed by your physician
Colon cleansing with Nulytely
Follow only as directed by your physician.
Dietary Fiber and High Fiber Diet
Recommended quidelines for a high fiber diet.
Upper Endoscopy Brochure
Understanding your upper endoscopy
Acid Reflux Diet
Recommendations to help decrease acid reflux
Understanding co-payments and deductibles
We understand that medical bills and insurance terms can be very confusing. For this reason, we are providing the following information. Many patients believe that because they have insurance, they will not have to pay out of pocket for any part of t more...
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